100% of profits from this store are used to fund Resolute Square's mission to protect Democracy!

Invest in Democracy with Resolute Square

Invest in Democracy with Resolute Square

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We have less than 250 days to save American democracy. 

Will you help us fight back against online Russian election interference and right-wing disinformation?

Ready to fight back? They've been winning for years. For decades, the right-wing media machine play by different rules. Alternative facts have become America's reality. They lie for money, for power. They lie because they know they can get away with it.
We took on Trump and defeated him. Now we need to take on the MAGA Media. We need a powerful media voice dedicated to crushing the enemies of democracy and now it's here.
Resolute Square is a growing community of creators, thinkers, strategists, from the Lincoln Project and activists with one mission: to defend democracy.
We are not a news organization. The old media models are failing. Resolute Square refuses to tell both sides of a lie. We're not here to debate the people who will destroy democracy.
We know we're right and they are wrong. We are here to win. This is what we believe: We must take the fight beyond the ballot box to where the autocrats are winning: the media landscape of America.
At Resolute Square, we will get up every morning to defeat the dangerous MAGA Media. We're Americans, and we will fight.
If we join together, we will win. We will not let a corrupt minority steal what it means to be in America. We will fight for the heart and soul of this country. We can do this. We must do this.
Will you join us?

We can’t do it without you. This month, we’ve set a $25,000 goal to pay for ads in battleground states, reaching up to 5 million social media users with the reality of what another Trump term means for America. We’ll arm them with our latest pro-democracy content, and informational and shareable graphics that promote the truth about Biden’s exceptional performance as President, and content that debunks the MAGA lies.